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Pegasus specializes in crafting and managing once in a lifetime custom experiences for groups of all sizes. Our custom tours are great for groups who want personalized itineraries, premium vehicles, and friendly certified guides to help create their perfect Kentucky Day.

Custom Kentucky Bourbon Tour Experiences

Take a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour with Pegasus - We're open and have exciting tours to offer! Pegasus is an official provider for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail ®

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With over 15 years practice and 5-star reviews the Pegasus flagship product is the Custom Kentucky Bourbon Tour Experience. Our pricing is unique from our competition in that we separate your experience cost from your chosen vehicle and chauffeur. Every group has a specific budget and goal in mind. Our team values your needs and executes your day based on your group's objectives. All stops, tours, logistics, and on-site experiences are managed and executed by our team of coordinators. The first step is choosing your date and vehicle--our team will handle the rest. All deposits are refundable up until 7 days in advance of your trip so don’t feel nervous about booking. Our team will reach out within 1 business day of your booking to begin designing your dream bourbon vacation. Where can we take you today?  

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Ticket Packages

Due to distillery tour changes related to the COVID shutdown we removed our standard ticket packages in favor of custom pricing for every group. Each distillery sells tickets for experiences that are constantly changing in an effort to maintain regulations. Our team guarantees a fixed cost and will manage all of these changes, updates, reschedules, and experiences for your group. We offer everything from regular tours to once in a lifetime behind the scenes experiences. Once you’ve booked your vehicle one of our coordinators will reach out within 1 business day to design a completely custom experience and price based on your tribe’s needs and goals. Where can Pegasus take you today? 

Once a deposit has been made one of our coordinators will reach out to design a budget based on your needs. 

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Custom Experience COVID-19 Restrictions

At this time many distilleries and experiences throughout the state have made significant and permanent changes for 2020. Please read below before booking hotels and airfare. Most important is that your group is less than 10 people and that you are aware that most restaurants will not seat a group of 6 or more. 

Kentucky attractions have maintained an excellent reputation throughout the federal shut down and our state’s reopening process. However with local regulations changing weekly to keep up with the pandemic it makes it particularly difficult to keep online content up to date with how each distillery and attraction is handling their respective reopening. General guidelines to be mindful of for 2020 and into 2021 are listed below. Pegasus is continually updating these restrictions. Last update 11-10-20.

Guidelines for groups planning a trip to Kentucky in 2020:

Masks: Masks are required in every public space in Kentucky. This includes all restaurants, bars, retail space, and in areas where you cannot maintain a 6-foot distance between people. 

Group Size: Many distilleries limit group sizes to 10 or less. All distilleries require a reservation for a tour in 2020 regardless of group size. Many distilleries will not accept a group of more than 10 on their property at any point-period. In addition, many craft distilleries as a result of specific restrictions regarding tasting rooms and retail space cannot accommodate a group of 10. We recommend that any interested party discuss their goals with one of our expert coordinators by calling our office directly or through email. 

Number of Distilleries in a day: 2 distilleries a day instead of 3 or 4. In the past groups of any size could fit 3-4 distilleries into a 10-12 hour day experience. Since the available options are significantly more spread out we recommend choosing 2-3 distilleries per day to ensure an easy schedule and positive experience. 

Cost: As a result of restrictions and smaller group sizes on tours the cost for a Kentucky Bourbon Distillery tour is changing almost daily. Our transportation cost and chauffeur/host cost has not changed, however a tour that used to be $5 last year may be as much as $40 for the same experience this year. We are working with every group individually to ensure our cost is fair, transparent, and makes sense for your group. 

Experiences: This part is the best. You no longer will be pushed around a property in a public group of 50 or more. Thanks to these new restrictions almost every experience is now entirely private at each stop. This allows you and your group to have a more personal close up tour than you’ve ever been able to before. These types of intimate experiences will most likely never be seen again so take advantage while you can. 

Restaurants: Many restaurants allow no more than 6 at a table. This part is another important item to keep in mind when planning your trip. We recommend that you and your group plan out your dinners while you are in town. If you are planning a large group visit please keep this in mind. Some of our tourist destination restaurants have decided not to open until next year so less options make it hard to just show up and expect to be seated. We highly recommend planning out all dinners in advance of your visit to ensure you have a good time. 

Private and Custom Kentucky Bourbon Tour Experiences: We are still accommodating groups every week for custom Kentucky Bourbon Tour private experiences. Check out our most popular Kentucky Bourbon Tours here! Once you book we will have one of our coordinators reach out to you to discuss your travel options. 

If you already know exactly what you want, you may just choose a customer-supplied itinerary - just book your own tours and tickets at each stop. Our customers sometimes choose this path, but just because it appears to be less expensive, but it will be up to you to do the research, keep up with cancellations, changes, and alterations to your day. If you do choose to design your own itinerary, we will not be able to offer help in booking these experiences or provide consultation due to the volume of requests we receive. If you allow us to book your tours and experiences we can manage those reservations and any changes leading up to your trip. 

We will accept customer supplied itineraries, just understand that you have assumed the risk for logistics and details. If you choose to design your own itinerary, we require that you send all tour times and confirmation emails 7 days in advance of your trip. We are not responsible for catching errors in planning, tickets, logistics, or other details of your trip.