Pegasus Distilled does more than point to point destination services; we show you how the destinations connect to tell your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I drink in the vehicle?

    Absolutely! Feel free to bring along alcoholic beverages and snacks if you and your group chooses. We thank you for being a responsible adult and choosing a safe chauffeured ride to get you and your friends/loved ones in and between your destinations. With that we ask that you enjoy responsibly and in moderation. We want you to remember your trip to Kentucky based on all the memories you make with friends and family, not the hangover!

  • What should I wear?

    Much of your day will be in and out of various buildings so something comfortable. Many people choose to wear country club or golf attire so that it is both comfortable and professional. Sunscreen or extra layers (it’s HOT out there in the summer, and chilly in the winter).

  • What should I bring?

    • A valid driver’s license or form of ID. Many of the Distilleries will not pass out tickets to people who do not have this item.
    • Closed-toed shoes (many stops do not allow for you to go on a tour if not).
    • Sunscreen or extra layers (it’s HOT out there in the summer, and chilly in the winter. Many stops will involve walking outdoors between buildings, so please prepare for the weather).
    • Cooler with snacks and/or alcohol if you so choose. (Airline carry on or smaller, unless otherwise approved.)
    • Money for lunch and gifts at the distilleries.

  • Can I do just tasting?

    Sort of, but not really. Bourbon is not regulated the same as wine which means the rules are stricter for high proof spirits. These distilleries have some of the richest histories dating back to the beginning of our country and sordid histories wrapped up in some of the oldest aged products in the world. The last thing you would want to do would be to do a shot of 25 year old bourbon without knowing its story. Every distillery requires some level of education or activity before doing a tasting. If you would like to do just tastings we have a wonderful list of Louisville area bars here.

  • Will it be fun?

    Duh! How often do you get to hang out with your friends in chauffeured luxury? You will not only have nothing to worry about with our help crafting your itinerary but through the services we provide we allow you to focus on what’s important-the people you’re around. Our timeliness, level of hospitality, and accommodations take away all the worry. You won’t have to wait in long lines, park far away at distilleries or fight the pack for tickets – you’ll breeze in and out. Not only that, but bourbon is America’s native spirit – you’re investing in knowledge very little know and hearing the stories of families that have been around since the beginning of the country. With the rich products, luxurious accommodations, ease of use, tour offers, and gorgeous rolling country side you would have a tough time not having the time of your life, and in many cases for a similar price of what you’d spend on a night out.

  • Where should I stay?

    We are obviously partial to Louisville-we all live and work here. However we will pickup and drop off anywhere with-in a 150 mile radius of Louisville for the same cost-if you have questions about this please contact the office. We have plenty of representatives that can help walk you through the many options and booking locations. Generally, though, Louisville is the most central to the region and has the best night life and density of things to do. Bardstown is laid back and historic, Lexington is a bustling wealthy college town with lots to offer but our favorite place to eat and sleep is by far Louisville and ideally downtown (the center that you should look at as reference is the intersections of Main, Market, and 4th street). We have a list of our favorites here:

  • What am I buying? Why choose Pegasus?

    We are and have been part of the tourism industry for more than 15 years and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for the past 10. We are an official sponsor and partner of the Kentucky Distillers Association and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Previously we operated as R&R Limousine and still operate our corporate transportation under that name. Tourism and hospitality is what we do. Some of the highlights we provide include, but are not limited to:

    • Waters, sodas, ice and cups on every trip
    • Exclusive tours and events
    • Guaranteed to be on time – every time
    • Professional chauffeur core whom have all had extensive background testing, drug testing, bourbon leadership training and host training so you can relax knowing you’re in the best hands there are.

  • What is Kentucky like?

    Kentucky is one of the most scenic, picturesque places on the planet. Louisville, at the north, is a bustling metropolitan city with a thriving food industry and booming tourism industry. This city marks the gateway to the state and the region. Just outside the city limits are rolling horse farms, dense forests and quiet hollers. Cutting through the land you’ll find slow rivers and deep lakes-with some of the purest water in the world making the region ideal for rich farming, raising livestock and above all producing grain spirits. The people are a blend of traditional warm and friendly small town folk and fast paced city dwellers with the constant exchange between these two extremes with the increase of tourism in the past 10 years makes our state and cities all feel inviting, kind and mostly progressive. With all places that have a lack of access and voice you will find the opposing views. The areas that you hear about on the news and the ones that create the travel bans are the minority and outside of the tourist regions. We are a state with a broad mix of people and overall progressive and open minded.

  • Can I do bourbon tours later in the day?

    Sort of. If you want to start later in the day your options are cut in half but it can be done. Many of the distilleries operate tours within the hours of 9am-4pm, and many are an hour drive away. This means you can easily fit 3 stops in within an 8 hour day and more will make for either a longer day or one with a tight schedule. It is much easier to do evening distillery visits if you choose to tie in events but the cost per person will go up generally speaking. Any of our coordinators would be happy to talk with you about you and your groups’ specific needs.